The development of diverse fields of Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science is the aim of SMSS research. Here is a growing list of different groups.

  1. Theoretical and Numerical/Computational Differential equations
  2. Core Research Areas:

    The group creates crucial connections between basic and applied research. It is devoted to advancing research in different areas related to differential equations, including Mathematical Modelling of Infectious diseases, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Mathematical Biology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Image Processing, Transport Modelling, Mathematical Control Problems, and others.

  3. Algebra, Analysis and Topology
  4. Core Research Areas:

    The principal areas of research in this group involve Riemannian, and complex analysis, with applications to Harmonic Analysis, Combinatorics, Abstract Algebra, Applied Functional Analysis, Topology and others.

  5. Statistics, Optimization, and Data Analytics
  6. Core Research Areas:

    This working group involves in solving important applied problems related to Optimization, Data Science, and Statistics. It mainly develops machine learning algorithms for Financial Modelling, and statistical methods for Climate Research and Disease Spread.